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Ted L. Liberti

BioMagnetic Solutions
CBO & co-founder
State College, Pennsylvania Area
In 2012, I co-founded BioMagnetic Solutions, a highly innovative biotech company with a vast knowledge of and extensive experience manufacturing proprietary nano-magnetic ferrofluid liquids for biological separations. BioMag's ferrofluids have numerous applications in: CAR-T Cell & Gene Therapy cell manufacture, cell purification; immunomagnetic assays; MRI contrast agents; drug delivery and bioprocessing.

BioMagnetic Solutions provides clinicians, biomedical scientists and CAR-T Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) product manufacturers with state-of-the-art platforms, systems and solutions that are quantum leaps ahead of existing immuno-magnetic cell selection systems. BioMag’s mission is driven by years of experience in innovative product development and partnering with major CGT and biopharma corporations.

BioMagnetic Solutions developed its X-GRAFFE clinical-scale cell selection system for for CAR-T Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) product manufacture. X-GRAFFE is a highly flexible, ultra high performance, closed immunomagnetic system for creating CAR-T cells & gene therapy products. X-GRAFFE is a higher performing, faster, easier to use, highly adaptable cell selection platform. X-GRAFFE's common-capture, indirect mAb labeling protocols deliver better CGT performance, speed & economics than any competing systems.

BioMag's X-GRAFFE Clinical-Scale Cell Selection system will have an array of cGMP clinical-grade mAbs, cytokines & reagents for CAR-T CGT product manufacture. X-GRAFFE has 5 PCT international patent applications covering X-GRAFFE’s methods, protocols & hardware.

X-GRAFFE leverages BioMag's CELLSEARCH® market-tested proprietary 5th-gen immunomagnetic Ferrofluids. Using standard CGT blood bags, BioMag's X-GRAFFE & nano-magnetic Ferrofluid cell selection reagents rapidly, yet gently, isolates cell subsets for CAR-T cell manufacture. X-GRAFFE can also be adapted for CD34+ stem cell selections for GT products & HSCT products.

Co-founded by Paul A. Liberti, PhD in 2012, BioMag is the successor to Immunicon Corp. (NASDAQ: IMMC) where BioMag's CEO/CSO developed CELLSEARCH® ~ the only FDA-approved circulating tumor cell (CTC) assay marketed & owned by J&J's Janssen unit. CellSearch® is now owned by Menarini's Silicon Biosystems SBU.

BioMagnetic Solutions brings 30+ years of: innovation, problem-solving, product development, IP & design to BioMag's proprietary 5th-gen nanoparticles (Ferrofluids) & magnetic cell selection devices for the most challenging CGT applications.


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